Kasbah Oudayas

Presentation of the publisher
“Oudayas”, how many dreams do we have to adopt through this magical word…a whole world, of oblivion, beautiful and serene!
“Oudayas”, the book!
The book “Oudayas, la kasbah des Oudayas de Rabat” tells a story, through photography and the word, that everyone would interpret according to the depth of their feelings and the dreamlikeness of their vision, and whose morality would only be only one: What beauty in this world!
The photos are by the French artist Hélène DECUYPER and the poetic word is that of the Belgian poet and novelist Patrick LOWIE, both of whom were inspired by these fascinating labyrinthine alleys of the Kasbah of the Oudayas, and in particular by this blue of Majorelle which tattoos the walls and blends with all the lights to make the enigmatic tranquility of the gaze bloom.